Hackers Made Over 40,000 Cyber Attacks on India

The digitally evolving country ‘India’ has been undergoing an immense threat over cyber attacks from the past four years. In fact, according to a new Data Security Council of India (DSCI) report, India is considered as the second most cyber attacks affected country between 2016 to 2020.
With greater risk brings greater responsibility to tackle the problem. India has a massive crowd of web users that lures many unethical technocrats to intervene. Such cybercrooks are always into grabbing the opportunity to expose themselves.
Thus, Framing all the above concerns in mind, In this article, we shall cover some deep insights over the ongoing cyber rage between two big giants( India & China).

Cyber Attacks between India and China!


India ranks second in cyber attacks with 38 attacks per second
Since 2016, India has been the sixth most targeted country by China-based hackers. Recently this week, Chinese hackers have attempted over 40,000 cyber attacks on India over the Information Technology infrastructure and the major banking sectors. The attack has been persisting for the last five days.
The cybersecurity authority of India has posed an advisory regarding cautiousness to be taken by everyday Internet users for attacks including phishing attempts. Private firms and enterprises are the most vulnerable domain of such traits. Thus, conducting cybersecurity audits of their IT systems remains the only way to safeguard their system from cyberattacks.
India is observing an exponential rise in cyber attacks after the tension escalated with China in eastern Ladakh, said Yashasvi Yadav, Special Inspector General of Police, cyber wing. Further investigation led by Maharashtra police revealed that the attacks were mostly prompted from the Chengdu area in China. According to collated information at least 40,300 cyber attacks were attempted in the last four-five days on the resources in Indian cyberspace.
Hackers are using DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks to rupture the infrastructure of the banking system. Apart from these, they have been using spear-phishing campaigns to harvest user credentials and evilly misuse them.

Official Statements-

The IGP of Maharashtra police said that India would likely counter similar cyber attacks in the future. He added Internet users should pay attention to the threat of such attacks, create authentic firewalls. According to the info provided by Maharashtra Cyber officials, these threat actors are speculated to have a database of around 20 lakh Indian email IDs. Later on, all these harvested email IDs are sold on the Dark web.
Cybersecurity is the most trending domain, backed by Indian government officials. You as a private internet user should take the utmost care against cyber threats. You must avoid sharing confidential information such as passwords or passcodes in response to fraudulent emails or text messages.

The methodology behind this cyber attack-

Cyber attacks on india from china

Most of these attacks were originated in the Chengdu area in China. Source: TheQuint

The hacking attacks are employing a technique, ‘Internet Protocol hijack’, wherein they try to divert internet traffic of a target, by routing it via China, for surveillance purposes, the sources said
Hackers nowadays are typically using the COVID-19 phishing framework that attempts to impersonate government agencies. Also, affecting service departments, and trade associations overseeing the disbursement of government financial aid. The phishing emails are smartly crafted to trick you into believing the authenticity of the content. Eventually, these mails have become a primary mediator to carry out cyber attacks on India.
Further, Officials reported one of such fraudulent email ID “[email protected]” This mail address was spreading the fabricated messages about free Covid-19 testing for residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad.

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